4 Ways To Enhance Skin Health Efficiently

Aging should bring wisdom and not wrinkles or fine lines. Growing age strips off collagen and elastin from our skin. Add external factors like overexposure to the sun, stress, smoking, drinking unhealthy lifestyle, etc. The result is premature skin aging. You start seeing fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, under eye dark circles and puffiness and finally last but not least discoloration. You need more than a topical treatment. Although your skincare product should be able to give great results but they can work miracles so far. Although there are some genetic factors which are beyond our control, some healthy lifestyle tweaks can get you amazing results.


Vitamin C is a great source of collagen boosters. This is a protein responsible for pretty much everything good about your skin. You should immediately start a Vitamin C enriched diet. Bell peppers, dark leafy greens, citrus fruits, kiwi, tomatoes, and peas are all rich in Vitamin C. Fatty acids help your skin recover from pollution, sun damage, smoking damage or any kind of skin damage. Flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans and mungo beans are rich sources of fatty acids. Other essential nutrients for your body are protein, calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc and other minerals. In short, eat a balanced diet.


Exercising increases the blood flow in our body. Blood carries oxygen, water and the nutrients needed for our skin cells. Blood also carries all the toxins from skin cells to sweat glands and other such places where toxins are flushed out of the body. Exercise uses all energy from your body and gives you a good night sleep which means bye bye dark circles. During exercise, you sweat a lot, which dilates your skin pores and throws out trapped dirt or oil. Exercising also releases tension in our muscles caused due to stress. A healthy body is a sign of healthy mind.

Quit Smoking

We need not explain your hazards of smoking as it is the worst habit for your entire body. A single cigarette contains around 4000 toxic chemicals, including Nicotine. This chemical constricts blood vessels in the upper layer of your skin and decreases blood flow to the skin. A decrease in blood flow leads to discoloration of skin and baggy under eyes. As blood carries all the nutrients to your skin, there are serious repercussions such as dull, dry and flaky skin. Passive smoke is as bad as first-hand smoke.

Invest In Good Skincare Products

Today’s market is full of anti-aging skincare products. Analyze your T-zone to know your skin type. Choosing a wrong product can cause side effects like itching, irritation, dryness and tingling. A sunscreen with

SPF 30 or above is the best anti-aging product for any age. Having said that, it is not enough. If you are in 20’s, definitely start using ant-aging products as a protection layer between sun or pollution and your skin. An ideal anti-aging product is made from natural ingredients. These natural ingredients don’t cause any side effects. One increase or decrease the amount of application according to the need of their skin.

Luna Bella Serum is also a natural skin care supplement that helps elevate skin health without any side effects and within a reasonable amount of time.

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4 Ways To Enhance Skin Health
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